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When do you see the real results of SARMS

imuscle-sarms.co.uk - ligandrol lgd4033 blogImagine a supplement, that has a noticeable effect from only 1 hour after taking it!

How would you feel if you saw changes in the way your body looks day after day?

SARMs combine speed and lasting effect in burning fat and building muscle mass.

 Even more, with SARM you can totally transform your body in your own way, and most importantly, watch it happen every day

What many people worry about is the lasting effect of the SARM cycles. Can this effect last, remain permanent or disappear after stopping SARMs?

Is the SARM effect permanent?

SARMs are selective modulators of androgen receptors; they interact directly with androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissues.

When a SARM binds to the androgen receptor, it signals an action, for example:

  • Building a new bone structure and breaking down the old one (preventing and treating injuries)
  • Improving the efficiency of muscle fibers, resulting in less oxygen being used, helping you to improve endurance and cardio
  • Improved protein synthesis, which in turn helps to build new muscle fibers
  • Enhanced metabolism leading to high calorie burn and consequently reduced fat deposits

Unlike steroids and pro-hormones, the action of SARM does not cause hormonal imbalance. Accordingly, when your hormones are in balance, the body is able to maintain what it has acquired. 

However, in the presence of something external whose effect causes additional stimulation and gives you the opportunity to increase 3-5 kg ​​of muscle mass in less than 6 weeks or respectively to burn up to 3-4 kg of fat at the same time, your body will need time for adaptation.

In the meantime, it's a good idea to help him adapt. This can be done in two ways…

How to keep 99% of your SARMS cycle results

In order to be more secure and to justify the investment of time and money you have invested in SARMs, it is advisable to do so-called post-cycle therapy to maintain all the results achieved.

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In most cases this process is optional with SARMs, you just need the time, but in the meantime it is possible to lose 20% of what is achieved because it is a period of adjustment during which the body goes through.

This post-cycle SARMs therapy is for you if your intake periods were longer than 6 weeks or you just want to keep as much as possible (99%).

Post cycle therapy - Option 1

SERM - selective estrogen receptor modulators. These products control estrogen receptors and can accordingly stimulate the production of your own testosterone.

They also block the estrogen that results from increased production of new testosterone.

Popular SERMs:

  • Clomiphene - 25mg to 50mg daily 3-4 weeks after a cycle
  • Tamoxifen - 20mg to 30mg daily 3-4 weeks after a cycle

Post-cycle Therapy - Option 2

Vitamins and minerals that increase the production of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (the hormone responsible for the production of semen).

Suitable combination:

  • Zinc - 25mg to 30mg daily 4 weeks after a cycle
  • Vitamin D - 2000iu to 5000iu daily 4 weeks after a cycle with SARMs
  • Selenium - 100mcg-200mcg daily 4 weeks after a cycle with SARMs

Get user reviews and feedback in our SARM Forum

It is easiest to ask the opinion of other users who have taken SARMs. That's why we created the first live SARM forum that brought together hundreds of followers.

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Here you can really find out if SARMs are for you, how they work, what the effect is and what to expect. Come in and ask about the negative and positive effects you can expect from SARMs!

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