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What is Ostarine MK-2866?

Ostarine, also known as Enobosarm and MK-2866, is a selective androgen receptor modulator, abbreviated to SARM, developed by GTx, Inc. The main goal of Ostarin was to treat various diseases associated with the breakdown of muscle mass, such as:

  •     Osteoporose (a disease that makes bones easily fragile because it affects bone mass)
  •     Polymyositis (Muscle disease causing inflammation of muscle fibers)


More than 35 million has been invested in developing Ostarine. Dollars, which proves how valuable the product is in the true sense of the word. The striking effect of MK2866 quickly became a big issue not only in the medical world but also in the world of sports.

Today Ostarine MK 2866 is used in a number of sports due to its role in strengthening muscle mass and building muscle fibers.

The effectiveness of Enobosarm and the rapid muscle growth it leads to are the main reasons this SARM is classified as doping. In essence, Ostarine MK-2866 is very similar to the effects of testosterone.

What are the benefits of Ostarine MK2866?

Ostarine is suitable for various purposes. Yes, its main purpose is to increase the strength of muscle fibers, but another big reason MK-2866 is so popular is the fact that it speeds up metabolism and stimulates the body to burn fat.

The selective action of SARM Ostarine MK-2866 makes it an ideal choice for athletes in various disciplines. Over the years, this SARM has been a loyal helper to people who practice MMA, boxing, athletics, and even bodybuilding.

By binding to androgen receptors in the body, Ostarine MK2866 has many benefits:

  •   Increases muscle fiber strength by up to 70% within 2 to 3 months;
  • Predisposes the body to build muscle mass and burn fat at the same time as it manipulates the receptors and improves protein synthesis;
  • Helps burn fat by speeding up your metabolism. In a period of 2 to 3 months, it is possible to lose 2 pounds without heavy exercise;
  • Prevents and protects against injuries and trauma by permanently strengthening the bone structure;
  • Improves the training process and helps for more effective and longer training sessions, as it increases the energy level and significantly reduces the risk of injury;

How is  Ostarine MK-2866 working?

Ostarine MK-2866 is in a group of nutritional supplements called SARM that bind to androgen receptors, improve protein synthesis, and lead to a number of benefits. Enobosarm MK-2866 works by attaching to androgen receptors in muscles and bones, “telling” the body to grow.

Unlike other chemicals that also bind to androgen receptors, such as steroids, Ostarine does not affect other smaller organs in the body and does not cause side effects caused by steroids.


The way Ostarine works makes it possible to increase protein synthesis in the body and to help the recipient become more resilient and stronger. It is also important to note that the way Enobosarm works does not result in aromatization, therefore estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels do not rise.

In other words, taking MK-2866:

Ø It does NOT affect libido and sexual activity

Ø It does NOT cause any prostate problems

Ø DO NOT suppress hormones when taken in moderate doses

Whо is Ostarine suitable for?

Now that you know the main advantages of Ostarine, let's see who it is for:

ü  Ostarine is ideal for people who want to lose weight without losing muscle mass.

ü Ostarine is a suitable dietary supplement for everyone who suffers from weak muscles or a weak bone system

ü Athletes and bodybuilders can take Enobosarm MK-2866 to maintain muscle mass and cleanse their body

ü People suffering from diseases related to muscle wasting can take ostarine and restore part of their muscle weight.

Ostarine MK 2866 for building muscle mass

Ostarin is a SARM supplement that not only increases strength and improves endurance, but also causes muscle growth. The results are already visible after a few weeks of use - an increase in muscle mass of up to 3 kilograms!

Enobosarm improves protein synthesis in the body and is considered a safe alternative to testosterone propionate - a steroid designed to increase strength and build muscle mass in no time. The main difference, however, is that Ostarine MK 2866 does not cause any serious side effects.

Building muscle mass isn't always just a goal we set ourselves to look and feel good about. Building muscle mass is a must in many sports and that is why many athletes choose to take Ostarine MK 2866

o  Augusto Mendes is an MMA fighter

o Nico Montano - MMA fighter

o Matteo Spreafico - professional cyclist

o Lucian Bute - professional boxer

o Frankie Montas - Major League Baseball player

 Enobosarm for fat burning

The original SARMs were designed to treat diseases associated with muscle wasting. This means that not only do they maintain muscle mass, but they also have to be strong enough in the event of a calorie deficit, as sick people often cannot eat much.


In addition to building lean muscle mass, Enobosarm can also be used to burn fat as it keeps the body in an anabolic mode throughout the cycle. This SARM causes the body to burn fat before burning muscle mass.

In starvation situations, the body first begins to burn muscle mass, since fat can be more easily stored for long-term use when there is a calorie deficit. In addition, fats maintain body heat so that the body needs it more. Enobosarm reverses this natural process.

MK-2866 for injury prevention

Ostarine MK-2866 not only helps the recipient increase their muscle mass while getting rid of excess fat. According to a 4-month study of more than 150 patients, this potent SARM also increases bone mass, improves joint health, and increases strength and endurance.


Thanks to the anabolic effect of Ostarine MK-2866 on connective tissue and skeletal muscles, it increases bone density and thus prevents injuries and trauma. Just a few weeks after starting a cycle with MK-2866, an increase in muscle mass of 2 to 5 kilograms and a permanent strengthening of the bone structure are observed.


When will you see the first results from Ostarine MK-2866?

Unlike some other SARMs that don't require long-term use to notice initial results, Ostarine works cumulatively. That means it will take about 2 weeks for you to notice the first results.

With the right exercise program and diet, the results after the third week will be more than obvious not just to you but to everyone around you. Due to its cumulative effect, ostarine is taken in a cycle of at least 4 weeks.

But the best thing about this product is that it can save 95% of the results obtained after completing a cycle! So be patient, follow the cycle closely and the first results of taking Ostarine will be available soon!


Does Ostarine affect testosterone production?

Ostarine is one of the most sought-after SARMs as it is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. However, its best quality is that it does not affect testosterone production when taken in the prescribed doses and in the correct way.

MK-2866 testosterone

At doses higher than recommended or with a longer cycle than optimal, ostarine can reduce testosterone production by up to 50%. This is because androgen receptors will not be able to attach to the body's natural testosterone as they are now attached to ostarine, which is more anabolic and faster.

However, it is important to note that unlike steroids and prohormones, Enobosarm doesn't stop producing its own testosterone! When the supplement is taken in the intended amounts, no problems with testosterone production are observed.


Cycle with Ostarine MK2866

The Ostarine cycle can have different lengths depending on the results you want to achieve:

-To build muscle mass - from 6 to 8 weeks (maximum 10 weeks)

  • To remove fat - from 4 to 6 weeks
  • For recovery after a steroid cycle - from 6 to 8 weeks

If you take Ostarine MK 2866 as part of post-cycle therapy, recovery will be much quicker and the results as satisfactory as possible. Ostarine also works very well when it comes to eliminating fat.

The dosages that you should take this SARM in will also vary according to the goals you are pursuing. In addition, ostarine is suitable for both women and men, but there is a difference in dosage between the sexes.


Muscle mass cycle

Ostarine has a long half-life (24 hours), which means that the dose does not have to be divided into several doses throughout the day. 1 dose per day on an empty stomach for better absorption is the most effective solution.

  • Build muscle mass MEN - between 30 and 50 mg per day
  • Build muscle mass WOMEN - between 15 and 20 mg per day

Bodybuilders often take Ostarine in larger doses and split the intake throughout the day. But remember, they are professionals who have extensive experience with sports supplements, know exactly how to eat and exercise several times a day!

The optimal length of a cycle for muscle mass with MK-2866 is 6 weeks, so there is no risk of over-saturation of the receptors. It is important to take a break of a few months after the end of the cycle for muscle mass, which can be combined with the intake of various vitamins, which we will inform you about below.


Fat burning cycle

Ostarine is one of the most common SARMs used to remove fat. Its greatest advantage is that it helps maintain muscle mass even with a low-calorie diet. If this is your goal, here's how you should take this SARM:

  • Cleansing fat - between 15 and 30 mg per day, on an empty stomach or an hour before meals.


For post-cycle therapy (recovery)

Ostarine is one of the most harmless SARMs because it does not oversaturate the receptors, does not lead to aromatization and does not affect organs other than those on which its effects are directed.

For this reason, many athletes choose to take MK 2866 after completing a steroid cycle. This SARM can act as a "bridge" between cycles, keeping the body in anabolic mode and helping to maintain the muscle mass that has accumulated.

If you are taking Ostarine MK 2866 as part of post-cycle therapy, the combination with Clomid and Tamoxifen is a good idea. This will make the therapy much more effective and the results obtained will be maximally satisfactory. Here are the optimal dosages that we recommend:

      1.Clomi-20 - 20-40 mg

  1. Nolva-10 - 10-20mg
  2. Ostarine - 15 bis 30 mg


Ostarine can be taken for therapy after a cycle with steroids and in combination with various vitamins, if the cycle has not been that long and the goal is simply prevention. In this case, the best combination is ostarine, vitamin D3 and zinc, and the dosages are:

  1. Ostarine - 15 bis 30 mg 
  2. Vitamin D3 – 2500 bis 5000 IE pro Tag
  3. Zink 30mg pro Tag


Cycle with Ostarine for Women

Ostarine MK 2866 is one of the best nutritional supplements for women as it does not cause hormonal imbalance. All of the steroids on the market can be dangerous for women, especially due to the side effects they cause, such as:


Proper use of Ostarine MK-2866 does not cause any of these side effects. That is why hundreds of women choose a cycle with Ostarine! Exceeding the daily dose and a cycle that is too long can lead to complications and reduced sensitivity of the receptors in both men and women!


What is Ostarine (stacks) combined with?

Ostarine is one of the best SARMs for strengthening muscles and strengthening the bone system. However, MK 2866 has a number of positive effects and it is this multifunctionality that makes it an ideal choice for SARM stacks.

Since Ostarine does not oversaturate androgen receptors and does not affect secondary organs, it can be easily combined with almost any other SARM like Cardarine, Andarine, Stenabolic, Ligandrol and others. Here are the most popular sample stacks with Ostarine MK-2866:


SARM-Stack Ostarine, Cardarine

This SARM stack is ideal for anyone who regularly subjects their joints and muscles to hard training. Its effects are felt in the first few days of use, as users notice an immediate improvement in strength and endurance during exercise.

Ostarine strengthens and increases muscle fibers, while cardarine increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscle fibers. As a result, metabolic processes are improved and the body synthesizes proteins much faster.

The Ostarine and Cardarine SARM stack is the choice of a number of athletes who are active in both martial arts and Olympic sports such as discus. The optimal duration of a cycle with SARM-Stack Ostarine and Cardarin is 6 weeks and the dosages are as follows:

  • MK-2866 - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before meals or one hour after meals.
  • Cardarine GW-501516 - 20mg, about an hour before training.

Stack Ostarine, Cardarine, Andarine

Adding 45 mg of Andarin per day to the Ostarine + Cardarine combination is a perfect choice, as Andarine keeps muscles toned and firm by limiting fat gain, even with a high-calorie diet. Andarine should be taken 3 times a day, 5 days in a row with a 2-day break.

The combination of Ostarine, Cardarine, Andarine enables athletes not to go hungry in order to maintain the weight required for the respective category. This SARM stack increases explosiveness, maintains fitness and improves strength.

Stack with MK-2866, Endurobol and Ligandrol

The SARM stack Ostarine MK-2866, Cardarin (Endurobol) and Ligandrol is the perfect combination for anyone who wants to notice visual results after the first week of use.

Cardarine and Ligandrol work great together for more convex and sculpted muscles, while Ostarine MK-2866 strengthens joints and bones and protects against injury. The optimal intake of Stack with MK-2866, Endurabol and Ligandrol is 6 weeks and the recommended doses are:

  • Ligandrol LGD-4033 - 16 mg in the morning 15 minutes before meals or one hour after meals
  • Cardarine GW-501516 - 20mg about an hour before training
  • Enobosarm MK-2866 - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before meals or one hour after meals


Combination of Ostarine and Ligandrol

The combination of Ostarine and Ligandrol results in a rapid increase in muscle mass in less than 2 weeks. Ligandrol, like Ostarine MK-2866, binds directly to androgen receptors and helps increase strength and large muscle mass.

Ligandrol, also called LGD-4033, is often compared to the well-known steroid Dianabol, with the main difference that it does not lead to water retention and hormonal imbalances. The recommended dosages for the combination of Ostarine and Ligandrol are:

  • MK-2866 - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before or one hour after meals
  • Ligandrol LGD-4033 - 16 mg in the morning, 15 minutes before or one hour after a meal


Stack with MK2866, Ligandrol LGD-4033, Ibutamoren MK677

Ibutamoren MK677 has the ability to stimulate growth hormone с 300% to 300%, which means that not only can you change your body in negative time, but also improve your body's metabolism and recovery process.

SARM Stack MK2866, Ligandrol LGD-4033, Ibutamoren MK677 improves sleep quality, speeds up protein synthesis, helps break down fat and keeps the body in anabolic mode to build lean muscles.

You can gain 3 kg of lean muscle mass in less than 30 days and to 6 kg during the entire cycle from 6 weeks! Here are the doses you need to take to get these results:

  • MK-2866 - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before or one hour after meals
  • LGD-4033 - 8 mg per day, on an empty stomach or one hour after a meal
  • Ibutamoren MK677 - 20 mg per day, 2 hours before bedtime


Stack MK-2866, RAD-140

Testolone RAD-140 is one of the most effective SARMs for building muscle mass found to date. Not only does this SARM help build lean muscle mass without causing water retention, it also has excellent neuroprotective properties.

Testolone RAD-140 has a powerful anti-catabolic effect, making it ideal for bodybuilders who do not want to lose muscle mass while cleansing their body.

The combination of Ostarine MK-2866 and RAD-140 results in tremendous strength, along with toned and firm muscles. If you choose the SARM stack MK-2866, RAD-140, here are the doses to take:

  • Ostarine - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before or an hour after a meal
  • Testolone - 2 times a day x 10 mg, morning and evening on an empty stomach


Stack of Ostarine, Stenabolic, Testolone

The effect of SARM testolone is very similar to that of the anabolic hormone testosterone and therefore this SARM can increase muscle mass by up to 50%. In combination with Stenabolic SR9009, which speeds up metabolic processes, increases muscle oxygen consumption, improves glucose absorption , Testolone works twice as well.

The icing on the cake in this STACK is Ostarine MK-2866. Gradually increasing strength and strengthening bones and joints, this SARM works excellently in combination with Stenabolic and Testolone and is an indispensable element in the rapid build-up of muscle mass.

  • Ostarine - 30 mg in the morning 15 minutes before or an hour after a meal
  • Stenabolic SR-9009 - 10-30 mg, 2 times a day
  • Testolone - 20mg, divided twice a day x 10mg., Morning and evening on an empty stomach for better absorption


This is how you determine the quality level of Ostarine

Today, SARMs are probably the most popular sports supplements on the market. However, since they are not controlled products, very often the companies or distributors who sell them abuse the trust of their customers and dilute the raw materials.


SARMs that are advertised as “quality” and “original” can contain various pollutants that interfere with the effectiveness of the product and endanger the customer's health.

The safest way to determine the quality level of Ostarine and all other SARMs is to contact the manufacturer and request quality tests. Brands in UK that offer really high quality and effective products offer such tests and examine every batch of product they receive.


Where to find forums about Ostarine

Another way to see the quality and effectiveness of Ostarine and other SARM supplements for yourself is to look at various customer reviews. In our SARM forum you can personally contact people who have already tried SARMs and ask them various questions that inspire you, such as:


 What are the advantages of SARMs, especially Ostarine MK-2866

 How does Enobosarm work?

 What are the side effects of Ostarine?

 How should SARM Ostarine be taken?

 Therapy after the cycle with Enobosarm


What are the side effects of MK-2866?

No matter how safe a product is, misuse can always be hazardous to health. This maxim also applies in full to the SARM supplements. As part of the SARM group, Ostarine binds directly to androgen receptors in the bone and muscle systems without harming the liver or other ancillary organs.

МК2866 Side Effects

MK-2866 is one of the most popular SARMs on the market, not only because of its great effects, but also because of the minimal side effects associated with its ingestion. When taken correctly, that is, in 95% of cases, ostarine does not cause dangerous side effects and is not harmful to health.

The side effects of MK-2866 are extremely minor and the chance of encountering any of them is minimal. Why? Ostarine does not affect secondary organs in the body, does not aromatize and does not lead to water retention.


Real side effects of Ostarine

Ostarine is a SARM that has been researched a lot and all of them show one thing - it is both effective and harmless as long as it is taken correctly. The internet is being flooded with information about the side effects of SARM and Ostarine in particular. However, very few of them are real side effects that you may encounter.

Doses higher than recommended can really affect free testosterone! Ostarine MK 2866 has properties pretty similar to testosterone, so it makes perfect sense to take its place in androgen receptors. However, the effects of Ostarine do NOT stop the production of free testosterone!

Other real side effects of Ostarine you may experience include mild dizziness and headache. Most often this happens to people who try SARM for the first time, and the effects will go away after the first few days of use as the body gets used to the supplement.


Myths and Unrealistic Claims About MK2866 Side Effects

Due to its great popularity and trouble-free effect, MK 2866 quickly became the market leader in the field of sports accessories. Of course, this is a fact that not everyone likes, and more and more articles are being written on the internet aimed at skewing the work of SARM and calling it harmful and ineffective.

90% of the information available on the internet about the side effects of SARM, including Ostarine, is incorrect. Many of the "side effects" of MK2866 are just myths and unrealistic claims. Taking Ostarine MK-2866:


  •       DOES NOT cause gynecomastia
  • Does NOT cause acne
  • DOES NOT stop the production of your own testosterone in your body
  • Does NOT cause prostate problems
  • DOES NOT increase aggression
  • NOT toxic to the liver
  • Does NOT cause testicles to contract
  • Does NOT cause virilization


How to perform therapy after a PCT cycle for Ostarine

One of the best things about Ostarine MK-2866 is that free testosterone levels return to normal quickly after a cycle and post-cycle therapy is not required. If you still want to have prophylactic therapy, vitamins such as vitamin D3 and zinc are the best choices.

MK 2866 can also be taken as part of a post-steroid PCT. In this case, the combination of Ostarine, Clomid and Tamoxifen is the ideal choice for a speedy recovery and for the best results.


Ostarine is the first choice for many athletes because of its ability to strengthen muscles and joints and protect them from injury. In addition, Enobosarm is an indispensable part of all stacks for fast but effective muscle building!

This SARM is suitable for both women and men and does not cause the dangerous side effects that characterize popular steroids and prohormones. One of the most powerful properties of Ostarine MK-2866 is that it speeds up your metabolism and even helps with fat burning.