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Quality Tests of SARMs

Quality Tests

HPLC stands for high performance liquid chromatography and is a technique used to separate various components of a compound using high pressure to push solvents through the column. This is the most widely used technique for identifying, quantifying and separating components of a mixture.


Sending a sample of SARMs to the raw material for testing

Each new raw material we receive is subject to a quality test. This procedure is mandatory because:

  • Protects you as a customer from substandard SARMs and / or substances that are sold as SARMs but actually have nothing to do with the product.
  • It protects us as a trader from investing in substandard raw materials and tarnishing our commercial reputation in case we sell substandard SARMs supplements.

Analysis of the SARMs sample

We are looking for a minimum of 97% purity of the raw material. In our experience and opinion, up to 3% non-compliance would be acceptable and acceptable for marketing.

Our latest laboratory results show a concentration of 99.99% on each of the SARMs products we offer.

Types of SARMs and their tests